AndroTotal is a service to scan suspicious APKs on multiple mobile antiviruses for the Android platform.

When AndroTotal recognizes that an Android antivirus finds a malicious application, it gathers additional metadata by scraping the user interface to retrieve information such as the detected threat name. AndroTotal also captures screenshots from the application, logcat, and network dump.

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The NECST Lab (Novel, Emerging Computing System Technologies Laboratory) comprises a number of different research lines on advanced topics in computing systems, ranging from architectural characteristics, to hardware-software codesign methodologies, to security and dependability issues of complex system architectures (scaling from mobile devices to large virtualized datacenters).

Furthermore, the laboratory pursues its “historical” tradition of research in the definition of methodologies and techniques regarding testability, auto-diagnosis and fault tolerance both for hardware architectures and hardware-software systems.

Further information about the NECSTLab can be found on the NECSTLab official website or Facebook page.